How to be recognized as an expert in your field, increase your credibility and finally get paid what you’re worth without another certification, rebrand or figuring it all out on your own!


How to be recognized as an expert in your field, increase your credibility and finally get paid what you’re worth without another certification, rebrand or figuring it all out on your own!


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What if you could be seen as the Go-To expert in your space, be paid your value, receive inside strategies and support (from experts at the top of their game) and achieve in 90 days what would normally take 2-3 years…..without having to figure it out on your own or spend tens of thousands on marketing, PR or paid ads?

Here’s a Secret...You Can!

You Feel Alone

You love working for yourself not by yourself. You’re craving the support, accountability, and sisterhood of other driven women. You light up when you tap into the collective genius of like-minded, like-motivated boss babes.

You're Ready to LOOK + FEEL like a credible expert

You're ready to be recognized as the credible expert you are, at first glance. No more explaining, and re-explaining, what you do or how great you are at what you do.

You're ready to KNOW YOUR VALUE

Deep down, you know you're good at what you do but you haven't cracked the code on how to articulate exactly what transformation, benefits, and value you actually bring to the table.

You're Going 24/7

You constantly feel behind and yet you can’t add more productivity or work hours to your day. You’re already saying no to fun, friends and family more than you’d like.

You're Overwhelmed

You know you have value to share, but you feel there are so MANY skills you have to master before you can get your message out - in a BIG way.

You Don't Want to Work More to Earn More

You’ve got big income goals but aren’t exactly sure how to achieve them and know “hope is not a strategy”. You're looking for the systems + processes to remove the guesswork.

You’re Ready For the Fastlane

You aren’t afraid of the hard work, but you’d love to get the inside track so you can fast forward past the big mistakes that are inevitable if you’re doing it on your own.

You want to start selling + closing in a way that feels AUTHENTIC to you!

You know how much more you can help people when your message is amplified, and you are tired of waiting for more impact (and income). It's time to stop having sales calls and start having authentic conversations.

You Want to Start 2021 Ahead

Last year was a tough one... you're ready to start this year on a high note!

If you answered YES to any of the above,


Jenn C.

Hormone Specialist, Certified Nutrition Coach + Personal Trainer

"Last month (only my 7th month in business) I hit a $53,000 month!! I'm completely floored!! I had to do the math so many times, and now I'm pinching myself."

Hayleye E.

High-Touch Instagram Engagement Specialist

"I just did the math. I went from marking $14,400 a year to making a projected $91,000 and 60 days! (without working more hours)!!!! And using Rebecca's PR secrets, I GOT SELECTED FOR AN INTERVIEW SERIES that will be featured in Authority Magazine, Buzzfeed and Entrepreneur!!"

Dr. Sarah M.

Sleep Consultant + Best-Selling Author,

“Since working with Rebecca, I've gone from $7k a month to averaging $20k a month! After joining the Collective, I got strategies and help to niche down, refine my packages, and increased my prices. Being part of this program has given me the confidence, tactics + support to FEEL like an expert (and now, get paid as one)! And writing my own book and becoming a bestselling author was pivotal! That would have never happened without Rebecca and the Collective."

Kristen D.

Web Designer | Social Media Coordinator | Data Analyst

"In 45 days, I grew my income from $3,000/mo to $12,000/mo after taking Rebecca's Masterclass + joining the Pitch Club Collective. And I am on track to do that again this month as well."

Join the Collective NOW!

The Truth is we’re 100% responsible for our results! 

If you want to put a megaphone to your message and be seen as the sought-after expert you’re meant to be, then it’s important to read every word on this page...

Feeling Clear

You know how to clearly communicate what you do, who you help, the results you deliver + what you stand for.

Having a Signature Method

Everyone wants your unique, signature secret sauce - which helps position you as the pro you are + be seen as an expert of your experience!

Being Seen

You’ve got more visibility + exposure, from being featured as an expert in publications and media. Your engaged following + clients love singing your praises!

Being Known as a Credible Expert

You have a press kit featuring the publications you’ve been in, the podcasts you’ve guested on, a highlight reel of incredible testimonials and people sharing your media mentions on social media!

Being Heard

You’re in the ears of thousands of podcast listeners as a frequent podcast guest, educating listeners with your unique value and activating them to take action in their lives and businesses.

Hello Social Proof

It takes 5 seconds for someone to see all of the evidence of your expertise with testimonials, a clear brand promise and irresistible calls to action.

Having Permission

To step into being uniquely yourself, to promote your business (without being annoying or slimy) and you’ve got a secret tool to ALWAYS show up at 100%.

Being Supported

You are part of an intimate community of other driven, impactful women who are collaborating with you, sharing their resources and cheering you on to achieve your goals.

Having the Power in Your Hands... and Your Budget

You’re increasing your bottom line WITHOUT paying for PR, marketing or ads!

Get this - You can have all of this


By  simply being part of a live coaching collective that will give you the strategies, resources and support to position yourself as an expert, magnetize your message, and be seen on podcasts and in media publications.

Hey Girl! I'm Rebecca Cafiero

Five years ago, I left my corporate VP job to pursue entrepreneurship. I loved the idea of designing a life (and business) where I could be creative, flexible and never have a ceiling on my income (or impact). 

But after four years of working REALLY hard, it wasn’t shaping up to be everything I thought. 

I was taking all the courses, had a coach, became certified AS a coach, was doing all the personal development... and felt like I was spending 24/7 working on my business. I had big ideas for what I wanted to achieve, like being an author, a podcast host and speaker, yet getting there seemed so far away!

Everyone I spoke to had a different opinion of what I needed to do next. My coach was great at getting me to prioritize or schedule my time, but she hadn’t personally accomplished the big goals I wanted to achieve. I felt like I was running out of time trying to figure it out on my own. And no one close to me understood.


While I was struggling to get clarity (and traction), I watched a woman I’d known for years, who was successful in the same field as me, suddenly EXPLODE her business and brand. In six months, she published a best-selling book, launched a top ranked podcast, created a six figure course and hosted a sold out event of her own....with three children and while still enjoying her life. It was like she’d reached into my dreams and realized them into her own life. 

I wanted to know HOW. But I was a little afraid to ask! What if she didn’t want to share the secrets to her success? But I had nothing to lose...and everything to gain. 

I messaged her on Instagram and we ended up on a call together the next day. She told me the secret to how she’d accomplished more in six months than most people do in an entire career. 

She had joined a business mastermind.

I was already five months pregnant. It was an investment that forced me to really ask myself how badly I wanted success. It didn’t feel like ideal timing to have a newborn during a mastermind. But I realized, there would never be a perfect time! 

The reality was, I wanted her results, her strategies and most importantly, the support and accountability from other women who would cheer me on, not tear me down. 

I signed up for her mastermind. And it changed my business. And my life.

Over the next six months, I launched a top ranked iTunes podcast. I got clear on my niche and got into aligned action, resulting in being featured in national publications, guest spots on countless podcasts and numerous speaking engagements. 

And 12 months later? I’m the author of a bestselling book, created a course that’s helping female entrepreneurs become experts and am coaching a small group of dream clients with a waiting list. The cherry on top, isI’m working less hours because I learn to scale my business and delegate to my team.

Now, I see scaling my business to 7 figures within months, not decades. 

I am frequently asked to be a guest on podcasts. I’m featured in national publications and reporters reach out to me! I have leaders, brands and companies hiring me as an expert to speak at their events. I get emails and messages daily about the impact my podcast, book and course has on people. 

NOW I WANT THE SAME FOR YOU. I want you to be seen as the Go-To expert in your space with visibility and credibility. I want to pay the knowledge, support and results forward, so you can get the hamster wheel and get real results!



The Pitch Club Collective


How to be recognized as an expert in your field, increase your credibility and finally get paid what you’re worth without another certification, rebrand or figuring it all out on your own!

The Pitch Club Collective is my live group coaching program + community created to support female entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners, like you, to unleash your expertise and have the confidence + strategic blueprint to build the business of your dreams.

This highly supportive group focuses on increasing credibility, visibility, and profitability by leveraging your unique expertise and sharing it with the RIGHT people in the RIGHT way. 

You’ll get live group coaching, expert training, media + podcast opportunities, monthly business exchange, quarterly + monthly goal setting workshops, accountability partners, collaboration, and professional resources to completely differentiate yourself and your business. 

If you’re ready to be recognized as an expert in your field, be fully booked with clients you love (and align with your vision) and increase your bottom line....without wasting years trying to figure it out on  your own.... the Collective is for you!

You can now stop working so hard without big results, start leveraging the unique experiences only you have, and make REAL money (and impact) off of your expertise. 


Inside, you’ll discover the shortcuts and strategies I used to get results faster than anyone ever could on their own, one-on-one support to map out and achieve your 5-year goals and a community to collaborate and support you to do it all. 

This is the same business breakthrough that I used to get featured in 20+ publications and dozens of podcasts, launch a top ranked podcast, a best selling book and a course over 18 months, while running two businesses, having a baby and building a house!

One thing you need to know is... you can’t find all of this support and real results all-in-one place anywhere except this exclusive collective.

In this group coaching collective I'm going to teach you the exact strategies that I (and all clients) used to increase their visibility, credibility, and profitability!


The Pitch Club Collective

  • Private FB Community with Publication + Podcasts Opps ($1,497 Value)

  • Industry Expert Trainings (50 Total Trainings) ($5,000 Value)

  • PR Superstar Course ($997 Value)

  • Weekly Momentum Monday Live Trainings (50 Trainings Total) ($1,500 Value)

  • Workshops + Hot Seat Coaching  ($1,997 Value)

  • Quarterly Goal Reset Workshops ($397 Value)

  • Monthly Goal Setting Sessions ($597 Value)

  • Monthly Business Exchange + Networking Opps ($1,200 Value)

  • Monthly 1:1 Call with Your Accountability Advisor ($1,764 Value)
  • Weekly Trainings with Rebecca (50 Trainings Total) ($5,000 Value)

  • Opportunity to be a Featured Guest Speaker in Front of the Pitch Club Community ($497 Value)

  • Unlimited Access to The Course Launch Academy with “Stanford Learning Designer” Steph Woods ($997 Value)
  • BONUS: 30-Minute Call with Rebecca ($497 Value)
  • BONUS: Paid In Full: Voxer Walkie Talkie Access to Rebecca + Team for 60 days (Priceless)
  • BONUS Recording: Expert Lead Opt-In Creation Session + Customizable Email Templates ($497 Value)
  • BONUS Recording: Getting Your Name Out There! The Secrets to Successfully Guest Posting ($147 Value)
  • BONUS: Human Design Report with Cory A Rusin ($127 Value)
  • BONUS Recording: Acing Sales Calls + Handling Objections ($197 Value)
  • BONUS Recording: Introduction to Meditation Workshop ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: Goal Setting Workshop ($147 Value)
  • BONUS Recording: Reverse Engineering your $$ Goals ($197 Value)
  • BONUS Recording: Creating Your 6 Month Marketing Plan ($297 Value)