The Goal-Getter’s FREE Workshop to...

Launching a Podcast in <30 Days! 


Your dream podcast is waiting! 


The Goal-Getter’s FREE Workshop to...

Launching a Podcast in <30 Days!

Your dream podcast is waiting! 


During this action-oriented workshop,  I'm going to teach you the exact strategies that I (and my Pitch Club inner circle clients) used to plan, launch, market + monetize top-ranking podcasts!

The 5 steps to Planning, Launching + Promoting a Successful Podcast

Creating + Booking Your Dream Guest List

Successful Launch Strategies to climb the iTunes Charts

How to Promote…..without being spammy

5 Ways to Create 5 Figures + with a podcast ( isn’t one of them)

And how to do it in 30 days or less!

Meet Your Workshop Host, Rebecca Cafiero

Are you ready to a megaphone to your message and share your magic with the world?

Rebecca Cafiero is an intl. Forbes business and visibility strategist, TEDx Speaker and top ranked podcast host2x best selling author and mother of two. As the Founder + CEO of the Pitch Club, a for women, by women company, she has worked with hundreds of female entrepreneurs to increase their credibility, visibility and profitability in business . Her publishing house, Pitch Club Publishing, has co-created 19 female best-selling authors. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she spent 13 years in Corporate America leading sales and marketing teams. She is a frequent speaker on online business strategy, creating credibility + visibility, productivity, and personal optimization.

She’s passionate about helping female entrepreneurs be seen, heard and valued as an expert in their field.
Becoming You Podcast
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I'm Rebecca Cafiero, former corporate VP of sales + marketing turned entrepreneur and PR company founder! I'm obsessed with helping women put a megaphone to their message and a spotlight on their brilliance!

While I studied journalism in college + worked as a reporter, I'm self-taught in PR. I left a corporate job where I had a large marketing budget and when becoming an entrepreneur, didn't have the funds to pay $5k a month for PR, but knew I needed the results. After several years of messy action (resulting in more than 20 publications the first year), I realized I'd not only broken the code on personal PR, but felt called to teach others how to do it as well.

I founded the Pitch Club, a boutique PR agency + education community last year. We work with female small business owners and entrepreneurs to build their credibility and visibility, through podcasting, press features + guest writing, speaking opportunities, and publishing their own books.

What makes us different from every PR company out there is that we teach our clients how to do PR themselves. Instead of struggling to attract (or pay to play with) gatekeepers in media, we give our clients  step-by-step processes, support and coaching to be able to develop the skills + confidence to become their own mini-PR machines! That means they have the platform to promote the work they love - like their very own book!

Our clients have been featured hundreds of times in the past year, from publications like Forbes, US News + World Report, Readers Digest, Women's Health, Authority Magazine, Byrdie, Sunday Riley and more. They've spoken live on national TV spots including NBC, ABC, Fox and more, as well as speaking engagements for TEDx, keynotes, virtual summits and local events. In addition, they've launched more than a dozen top-ranked podcasts and guested on hundreds of podcasts!



(Get in before it's too late!)  

Your dream podcast is waiting! 



DISCLAIMER: I’m going to show you the essential component to plan, launch, and monetize a podcast, but there is no guarantee you’ll increase your income or create a podcast during the course of this workshop. However, I’m going to show you the steps to reach your goals faster than you could on your own.